Automotive Cleaning Products – Hidden Dangers and Alternatives

I love cleaning my car on a weekend afternoon, inside and out. I get real sense of accomplishment when it glistens and shines. Stepping into the interior and having the fresh sent of clean. It’s like the car almost runs better after a good cleaning.But here’s a question, what is true clean?I propose the true clean and true automotive cleaning products are those that are effective in getting a cosmetic clean but also a clean that is safe for myself, my family, and the environment. True clean considers the hygiene of the users of such products.Many of the car cleaning products that you find in auto care shops is a mixture of toxic chemicals; bad for your health and just evil for the environment.This toxicity can enter your body through various means including breathing in the fumes (even though it may smell good) absorption through the skin and contaminated ground water wells from the runoff.Take into consideration the health of your small children that will put anything in there mouth and your pets that may just lap up these chemical puddles around your car.Sure we can wash off all the grime, dirt bugs off the body, pick up all the dust from the interior and give the dash a good shine but what is it doing to our bodies, our children and ultimately the earth.What can be done?There are alternatives now entering the market that are a perfect balance between automotive care, Bio Care, and Eco Care.Going green with alternative automotive cleaning products is just as easy as picking up brand X Car shampoo with cancer causing additives. All it takes is a sharpened eye, search online or ask your local car shop clerk if they carry any eco-friendly car cleaning products; They’ll be happy to point them out for you.Till next time.

Automotive Tools for the Road Warrior

In today’s highly mobile world, many spend countless hours and miles traveling in their automobiles for work and vacation. Modern cars are also far more reliable than the cars of 30 years ago. We have begun to take them for granted. We expect them to just work day in day. However, the time to learn the lessons of basic car repair is not on a deserted highway at 2 am on the way up to the ski slopes! Automobiles still breakdown, have flat tires and batteries run out of juice. Most people think that you have to be a space shuttle engineer to even open the hood of a 21st century car. While it is true that computer technology has drastically changed the way engines and cars operate, there are still some basic car repairs that you can perform in a pinch. You must carry some basic automotive tools with you at all times in order to carry them out.A basic kit with automotive tools doesn’t have to break the bank or require you tow a trailer full of tools. You can go as basic as you want and add more tools as your needs change. The first thing to do is put together a list of automotive tools that you will probably need. (I have included one in this article.) You will be surprised to find that you own many of them already. The real chore is to get them together in one place and carry them with you. You will also need something to carry them in. First see if you have an old duffle bag stuffed in a closet. If not you can probably get one cheap at an Army surplus store. Now it is time to look at our automotive tool list and start collecting them.Automotive tools for your kit should include the following: set of various screwdrivers (both flat head and Phillips), crescent wrench, pliers, torque wrench, pocket knife, jumper cables, battery terminal brush, spare fuses, 1 quart of oil, duct tape, flashlight, gloves, medical kit, road flares, reflective vest, blanket and funnel. Make sure your car jack and tire iron are in their proper place in your car’s trunk. After you have gathered these items and put them in your old duffle bag, store it in your truck so its there when you need it. These items can prove to be invaluable to help you fix a minor problem and be on your way.

Why Should You Advertise?

“Why should I advertise?” This is a question many business owners find themselves asking. Advertising is essential for any business because it reminds your customers about your brand name and serves as a constant reminder. If people don’t know your company name, then how are they going to enter your door?Being consistent with your advertising efforts is the key – you’re setting your business up for both short and long term success. The following 8 tips are powerful reasons why advertising is a must.You Have To Advertise To Reach Your New CustomersThe market is constantly changing. New families moving into the area potentially mean a new customer base for your business – or even your competitions. Consumers’ income levels are always changing, which results in changes in needs, lifestyles, and buying habits.You Must Advertise ContinuouslyCustomers do not convey the same store loyalty they once had. Cars have allowed shoppers with more freedom and flexibility. Brick-and-mortar stores suffer from this the most. A quote that sums this all up; “mobility and non-loyalty are rampant. Stores must promote to get former customers to return and to attract new ones.”Advertising Influences Shoppers Throughout The Buying CyclePeople often compare prices, service, and quality from store-to-store. They want the best deal and are looking for value. By advertising, you reach them consistently through the entire decision-making process. Take this example; the average new car purchase is a 13-week cycle. You must keep your name fresh in the consumers’ mind and constantly remind them that you are there. Consistency is key.Advertising Pays Off In The Long RunBy advertising today, you are essentially planting a seed in the mind of customers whose buying decision may be weeks or months away. Advertising gives you a long-term advantage over your competitors who scale down or stop their advertising efforts.Advertising Generates More Store TrafficWhat would be the point if nobody had a reason to come into your store? Continuous store traffic is the first step to increase in sales and expanding your customer base. A general rule of thumb is that for every 100 items shoppers plan to buy, they make at least 30 unanticipated “in-store” purchases. This is where point of purchase displays are extremely powerful.You Have To Advertise To Generate More SalesAdvertising does work. Successful businesses are almost always persistent, strong advertisers. Look around – you will find the most aggressive and persistent advertisers are almost always the most successful.There Is Always Business To GenerateAs long as you are in business, you have overhead costs to meet and new clients to target. Advertising generates customers now, and for the future. You are essentially planting a seed. Even the slowest days produce some kind of sales.You Must Advertise Because Your Competition Is AdvertisingThere’s only so many consumers in the market ready to buy at a certain time. You must advertise to keep your share of customers or you’ll lose them to your competitors and more aggressive advertisers. Advertising is key and will reflect your business accordingly.