Automotive Cleaning Products – Hidden Dangers and Alternatives

I love cleaning my car on a weekend afternoon, inside and out. I get real sense of accomplishment when it glistens and shines. Stepping into the interior and having the fresh sent of clean. It’s like the car almost runs better after a good cleaning.But here’s a question, what is true clean?I propose the true clean and true automotive cleaning products are those that are effective in getting a cosmetic clean but also a clean that is safe for myself, my family, and the environment. True clean considers the hygiene of the users of such products.Many of the car cleaning products that you find in auto care shops is a mixture of toxic chemicals; bad for your health and just evil for the environment.This toxicity can enter your body through various means including breathing in the fumes (even though it may smell good) absorption through the skin and contaminated ground water wells from the runoff.Take into consideration the health of your small children that will put anything in there mouth and your pets that may just lap up these chemical puddles around your car.Sure we can wash off all the grime, dirt bugs off the body, pick up all the dust from the interior and give the dash a good shine but what is it doing to our bodies, our children and ultimately the earth.What can be done?There are alternatives now entering the market that are a perfect balance between automotive care, Bio Care, and Eco Care.Going green with alternative automotive cleaning products is just as easy as picking up brand X Car shampoo with cancer causing additives. All it takes is a sharpened eye, search online or ask your local car shop clerk if they carry any eco-friendly car cleaning products; They’ll be happy to point them out for you.Till next time.