Decrease Automotive Gas & Fuel Costs – Your Auto’s Air Fuel Filter

Your car air’s filter is one of the most taken for granted components of your automobile – be it car, truck, S.U.V. or van. Left alone it will do a good job announced – cleaning the engine intake air of dangerous dirt and grime. However ignored a dirty air cleaner can easily slow down and impair your car’s performance, acceleration, overall engine running health and easily decrease your gas mileage by 10 % or even more. In these days of high gasoline and fuel costs anything you can save to decrease your overall running costs of your vehicle is money in the bank to you and money in your pocket.It can be said that overall cars need both a tremendous and enormous amount of air to breathe on a regular ongoing basis. About an astonishing whole 9,000 gallons of air are used up for every gallon of gasoline your automotive vehicle uses. By anyone’s reckoning and count that’s a large volume of air. It is most important, if not essential for the smooth running as well as long life of your car that the air is breathes is clean, that is free of dirt, dust and grime. This is the job of your “air cleaner”.A breather hose called a “snorkel” actually carries the air from outside the car into the air cleaner. En-route this intake air is heated by hot air that has been redirected from the engine by the pre-heated air-intake system. The air passes through the air cleaner, a container that houses the air filter- which is the workhorse of your vehicles cleanup detail. Most air filters are basically made up of pleated folds of paper, a heavier almost cardboard type of paper, whose job is catch the dirt and grime, which is in the outside air and atmosphere before it can get down into the finely machines engine parts and components of your precious, reliable auto engine.The air filter in your car can be though of just like the furnace filter in your home furnace. The air filter in your home heating system will clog up with dirt and debris as it is used throughout the year and therefore must be cleaned , maintained and replaced on a regular and ongoing basis as your utilize this machinery. Your car air filter is little different. The difference is that you may be unaware of the maintenance , inspection of and cleaning of air filter of your car , that it needs to be replaced on a regular basis as well and that a dirty or unclean air filter can cost you big money on your fuel bill very quickly.In the end it can be said that paying attention to your air filter of your car is a very simple matter. When you have the oil of your vehicle changed, or if other work is being performed on your automobile – simply ask the mechanic or maintenance technician to “check the air filter”. It’s a simple process, in most cases, that is simply done under the hood, with little fuss or muss, and could be done in a second. Either the air filter will be clean and OK , it may be a bit dusty , which a simple blow out with compressed air blowing the dirt out of the filter backwards with a simple whoosh of compressed air or at the worst the air cleaner will be replaced with a new one. Since it’s a simple pull out and replace process automotive shop labor repair costs for this process or air filter replacement should be little more than the cost of the new air filter.Paying attention to your automotive air filter and its maintenance and attention to on a regular basis can be among the easiest and simplest ways to improve your gas mileage, reduce your automotive fuel costs, improve engine performance and improve engine life and reducing repairs. It’s all about maintaining your automotive vehicle to improve reliability, life of your vehicle while leaving you with extra cash in your pockets.