Banner Advertising is Exactly Like Billboard Advertising – Only Different!

Outdoor advertising and banner advertising both consist of placing a strategic marketing message in front of a massive amount of potential clients. We advertise our message to this “Traffic” hoping to attract some of the “people passing by” to come into our store or contact us for more information. Traffic on the road verses on a webpage is essentially the same. The more people whom travel a road or the more people that visit a webpage obviously determines how mush exposure we get for our ad.So, how are they different?Our first obvious difference is where our ads or billboards are located. We all know billboards are on the side of a particular road or highway. Banner advertisements consequently are located on the side, top or bottom of a webpage(s). You have seen them and have probably clicked on a few searching the internet for your hearts desire.Now let’s get into the BIG differences that you need to understand before investing your advertising budget into one or the other.Read this and you will know which billboard advertising method will work best for your business!Market Exposure:Billboards: Predefined locations on certain streets or highways. Depending on the location you choose, or can get, will dictate how much traffic you receive. You can obviously target more locations for increased exposure should you be comfortable with the expense of multiple billboards.Banners:Full control to place an ad or multiple ads on any relevant webpage in a single city, state, country or All of the above! You can have ads showing up on an unlimited number relevant websites increasing your exposure to unlimited prospects and spreading your business reach.Customer Targeting & Tracking:Billboards:Considered minimal targeting. You have no control over the needs or desires of the people driving past your billboard. None the less, billboard advertising is great for branding your business in your hometown or the cities you obtain locations in. Tracking results can only come from asking every customer that comes to your business or website “How did you find us?”Banners:You target your customers by advertising to them on webpage’s closely knit to your industry. If you sell automotive accessories you can place your advertising in front of only people who would have a need or want for floor mats or trailer hitches. Now you have a steady stream of “Targeted” Traffic. Tracking is set up to run automatically and accurately so you can eliminate wasteful spending and put your money where the sales are.Cost:Billboards:Average minimum for Cookeville, Tennessee is around $400 Bucks a month and does not include set up. Nashville, TN will run you significantly more averaging around $800 Plus dollars a month. Additional charges occur when you want to change your message. Higher monthly charges apply for upgraded digital billboards, however, your message and marketing can change repeatedly.Banners:Average minimum for set up is under one thousand dollars. You choose how much $$$ you want to invest per month in ad spend, run as many ads as you like and choose from; Image Ads, Text Ads or even Video Ads. Only pay for the customer traffic that decides to click on your ad and visit your website.How does banner advertising work?Banner advertising consists of placing banner ads (boxed image ads) on relevant web pages across the internet. The major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo offer advertising on what they call the “content network.” Once you have set up an advertising account with your search engine of choice you would upload your image ad and tell the search engine to place your ad(s) beside content that is similar to what you are promoting.For example purposes lets say you own a flower shop and want to promote your fabulous wedding bouquets. You set up and design a catchy image that tells customers that you are the florist of choice for wedding bouquets. When someone visits a popular wedding website, or any website where wedding bouquets are relevant, your ad will display somewhere on their page. This potential customer did not intentionally do a search for flowers but it is a given that any bride will insist on a gorgeous bouquet for her wedding. Therefore, when the searcher lands on this popular site there attention is taken from the site to your ad. They click it and visit ‘Your’ website to discuss buying their wedding bouquet from you.Outdoor Billboard Advertising vs. Online Banner AdvertisingOutdoor Billboard Advertising is…Great for localized branding by keeping your name out in the public eye.
Good for consistent local exposure to customers who may need your services.Banner advertising is…Capable of exposing your business across the globe.
Targeted to reach your precise customer no matter where they live.
Less expensive long term.Outdoor Billboard Advertising has great results for many types of businesses and will always be a great means of advertising as long as people have cars. Banner advertising is pretty darn close to the same thing – well, except for the differences!You know your business better than anyone and hopefully with this information you can decide what advertising method is best for your bottom line. The internet is changing the way people shop for products and services. Could you see increased business and revenue by expanding your reach on the “Internet Super Highway?”